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If i ever see a haytham cosplay at comic con sydney this year imma

Do a thing.

There was an Ezio Mascot at the EB Games Sydney Expo in 2012, best experience ever.

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I’m reading this fanfic at the moment that has Hermione put into Slytherin…and Neville is something else - its good, its very good and  refreshing too. It just unfortunately has long periods between updates.
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Rastrophiliopustrocity is a barrage of creative random thoughts, images, and ideas that spontaneously overwhelms the right brain, which then becomes immediately exercised when paired with discernment through the left brain under spacious awareness from an empty point.

"They haven’t committed any crime, or anything of that nature, so charges or being held in that context is not applicable here."

Mr Abbott said the person, who was travelling with his family, was stopped at Melbourne Airport en route to Lebanon.

The head of Australia’s security and intelligence agency says while the threat is real, it’s also manageable.


Like wow, the threat is real, it’s also manageable. That’s like saying my niece is a terror, but I can still handle her because I’m a big adult.

Seriously Tony Abbott needs to reestablish his priorities instead of firing up racists for a few extra votes.

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Korra WeekDay 5: Growth (Version 2)

this gives me strength

Trying to break out of an art rut, doodled some cool kids 

They made ​​fun of your name and you have changed your name.
They made ​​fun of your clothes and you changed clothes.
They made ​​fun of your hair and you have straightened your hair.
They made ​​fun of your skin and you bought skin brighteners. 
They made ​​fun of your languages ​​and you have adopted their own.
They made ​​fun of your religion and you have embraced theirs.
Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair?
Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? to the extent that you bleach to be like the white man.
Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips?
Who taught you to hate the top of your head to the soles of your feet?
Who taught you to hate your being? to hate the land of your ancestors, to hate the race you belong to, such a point that you do not want to be next to each other.
When will we realize? When will humanity?