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Digimoooonnnnnnnnnnn! Sketch ideas for an evolution line.


That beast in the back is the mega, and the small humanoid type is the ultimate (but it still needs a little bit of work).
Digimoooonnnnnnnnnnn! Sketch ideas for an evolution line.
Got home late, so had 30 minutes to conjure up a doodle before heading to bed. Homage to the old days.


I find it crazy how any of us can die at any moment yet we live our lives always planning for the future

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From storyboard to the final page in colors. This is half a page, from Les Carnets de Cerise 3

Yo loyal audiences are the best. Especially on deviantart.

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To make things better, my little sis just got back home and decided to swipe my boost juice. Little did she know it was lemon juice.

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The joke’s on work for making fun of me losing my voice today, I’m gonna be in the back, and they have to put up with the customers tomorrow.

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By TKG (@TKG9104 on Twitter)

I do not own the above art. All credit to original artist (sorry for no link, but it is on his Twitter account).

Taichi and Agumon are hot.


stop being too cool to enjoy things

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昼下がりのパルモン by OKAN.
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