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Do yourself a favor and listen to the german Digimon Opening like I have the whole week

Mum said no to bringing a chicken home.

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So honored to be able to share this with you all…. it’s because of YOU that I am able to take this next step in my journey.   
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I’m prouder of this than I should be
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Drilling and fracking threaten soil quality and agriculture. For example, the Denver Post reported that Colorado state data list 578 oil and gas spills for 2013, equivalent to a gallon of toxic liquid penetrating the soil every eight minutes.This is the ninth daily graphic featuring science in the Compendium from Concerned Health Professionals of NY:

Something similar is currently happening within the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales, Australia. The government prefers it’s money over ongoing resources, and Australia already isn’t the most fertile continent. The Liverpool Plains, however, is one of the most fertile, economically supporting areas for Australia with Grey Vertosol soils that are perfect for agriculture and is currently in a state of its future being decided upon.
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Found my old name tag for work while cleaning and started singing Fame ‘Baby, remember my name.’

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Really feel like doing some soft brush painting today. When I get like this…I tend to procrastinate and start another 3 new pieces, guaranteed that they are Korra related and then post several wips, but don’t get anywhere close to finishing.

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Going out  to the uni farms tomorrow to deal with Pigs and Poultry and I’m really hyped! I can use this chance to get some good drawing references~

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